The Right Place: Philinter

By: Shiely Mae V. Berame

I can still remember the first time I stepped on Philinter.  It was the time that I seemed so enchanted because I couldn’t imagine why the school had a different feeling to me.  Later on, I finally found the answer.  One reason is that it’s a place where there is unity in diversity through the English language.  There’s no higher accolade than Philinter making that possible.  The school continually devises a coherent plan to provide better service to students.  I am grateful enough to be part of the school where people have been working together.  The second reason is that the culture of each country doesn’t overlap one another.  Equity and equality of treatment are present in the school community.  There are people from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Spain and Russia.  I adore the perseverance of teachers and students as they don’t delimit themselves to pursue one goal.  Truly, Philinter is the right place to study English.

我還記得我第一次踏上Philinter。 那是我似乎很迷惑的時候,因為我無法想像學校對我有不同的感覺。 後來,我終於找到了答案。 一個原因是它是一個通過英語實現多元化統一的地方。 沒有比Philinter能獲得更高的稱讚將英語多元化統一化的可能。 學校不斷設計一個協調一致的計劃,為學生提供更好的服務。 我感激不盡,成為人們一起工作的學校的一部分。 第二個原因是每個國家的文化都不會相互重疊取代。 在校園中被公正和平等地待遇。 有來自台灣,日本,韓國,越南,中國,泰國,蒙古,西班牙和俄羅斯的學生。 我崇拜教師和學生的堅持不懈,因為他們沒有劃定自己追求一個目標。 真的,我敢說Philinter是學習英語的好地方。



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